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Mustori are creatures that originate from the spaces between realms, resembling small mammalian creatures. When they enter a Realm their fur coat mimics the celestial bodies of the Realm's sky with unerring accuracy, making them living star charts. This has made them popular companions among travelers.[1a][1b]


They are playful and mischievous creatures that can easily escape attempts at capturing by simply slipping through the veil between Realms.[1b]


The fur pattern of any given Mustori will change to match the sky of the Mortal Realm it is currently in.[1b]


Due to their fur patterns, Mustori make excellent travel companions and with one a traveler can never truly become lost. As simply looking at a Mustori's fur will allow a traveler to discern which direction is edgeward, toward the Realm's Edge, and which direction is coreward, towards the Realm's Core.[1b]