Muspelzharr Mountains

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The Muspelzharr Mountains are a mountain range stretching across northern Gazan Zharr.[1b][2a]


Age of Sigmar

The Age of Sigmar sees many forces of Order make in-roads into reclaiming parts of the Muspelzharr Mountains, such as the Kharadron who established mines and a trading outpost in the mountains. The latter of which they successfully defended against a Greenskin invasion led by Spindrik, greatest of the Spiderling Kings, with aid from Ironweld forces who were exploring the mountains at the time.[1b]

A throng of Dispossessed led by King Dorgo Bronzemane came to the mountains in hopes of reclaiming their karak only to find it overrun by grots, who are using the ancestral halls of the throng to grow enormous fungi. After an initial sortie the Dispossessed are forced to flee. During their flight they run into a group pf glinting Ironbark Sylvaneth led by the Steel Dowager, who have been in the halls for decades attempting to cleanse the mountain's roots of fungal corruption, their efforts hindered by the shamans of the grots. Together the two groups device a plan to drown both the fungi and grots in molten quicksilver still in the Karak's foundries. Though a few of the grot shamans survive, so the Sylvaneth and Dispossessed decide to keep working together until all those grots with the knowledge to grow the giant mushrooms are eradicated.[2a]