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The Mortisan Soulmasons are Ossiarch Bonereaper wizards of the Mortisan caste. They are those who evaluate and apportion the spirits of the dead collected to arcane vials by the Soulreapers and then filter and combine them into the gem-like phylacteries of their fellow constructs. As the highest-ranking Mortisans, they have the authority to which spirits are used to create more Ossiarchs and what type they would be. It is their duty to sort weak souls from those with the strength to persist. Like a butcher, they take the best parts of a spirit and render the rest into more general nourishment for the undead ranks around them.[1]

When engaged in their craft the Soulmasons may appear as if in a mystical daze as if the concentration slips the spirit matter may escape as gheists. But for a Soulmason, it is a simple enough matter to conjure attendant souls to aid them.[1]


Soulmasons are often armed with a Soulmason’s Staff. As a tradition, most Soulmasons go to war upon a Mortek Throne, elaborate bipedal thrones that once ringed the Grand Audience Hall of Gothizzar. These are powered by the cast-off energies of those spirits the Soulmasons found lacking in substance and are bound to the will of their rider. The thrones are able to kick with iron-hard claws with enough force to cave in a fortress gate while keeping the throne’s platform completely level and still. Thus the Soulmason can concentrate on his craft while the throne tramples and kicks his enemies to death.[1][2]



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