Mortis Praetorians

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The Symbol of the Mortis Praetorians

Mortis Praetorians also known as the Necrotopian Guard, the Ten Thousand Cohorts and the Katakroi is a Ossiarch Legion with an innate mastery of the arts of battle that is personally commanded by Orpheon Katakros himself. The philosophy of Orpheon Katakros is embedded in each of the composite souls of Mortis Praetorians principles alongside the personalities of the favoured generals that once served the Mortarch. The souls of the generals that had served Katakros well in life were taken from their mausoleums and the Mortisans split their souls into their composite parts through a harrowing process called spiritual distillation where a tiny part of each of these officers is placed in each cohort. For example every one of the Jakaqian Cohort has a tiny part of Jakaq the Wise still screaming within them, whereas the Serpentine Column of Xanda is governed by the ancient soul of Djuxanda of the Weaving Blade.



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