Mortalis Terminexus

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The Mortalis Terminexus is an Shyishian predatory endless spell composed of a spectral hourglass of fate standing on a collumn of spectral energy. This spell can interfere with the passage of time, hastening or reversing the lifespan of mortals in the blink of an eye.[1][2]


The spell forms in the shape of an hourglass filled with shifting grave-sand. It can only be summoned by Nighthaunt wizards and Nagash.[2]


This flying hourglass holds the power of life and death within it's for that has dominion over passage of time. Under the wizard's command it can hasten time, making those affected it closer to their doom by ageing and withering them to bones. On the other hand it can reverse time, giving those afflicted with it a temporal grace that can heal as if restoring them of their youth and vitality. If the spell is summoned in Shyish the spell's range will much wider.[1][2]