Morruk Hills

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The Morruk Hills are a a series of peaks in southern Thondia that lie several hard weeks of travel to the southwest of Excelsis. Inhabited by Kruleboyz orruks, it was used as the based of operations in a scheme to drown the whole of Thondia in mire, which created the Drowned Lands.[1a]


The Morruk Hills are a series of high marshy peaks filled with sudden drops into stagnant pools purposefully lined with sharp rocks to skewer the unwary. The ground here is uncertain, dotted with pleasant seeming wildflowers that are fatally poisonous.[1a]


As indicated by their name, these hills are dominated by tribes of Orruk Kruleboyz. The Grinnin' Blades, largest of the Kruleboyz warclans and considered by many to be the most gruesome, regard this swamp as an ancient place of power One of their cherished myths suggests Gorkamorka had an earth-shaking brawl here with a poisonous Godbeast. His blood mixed with the beast’s poison and the swamp’s mud to produce the first Grinnin’ Blades Kruleboyz. It is also the domain of Gobsprakk, the Mouth of Mork, prophet of Kragnos and mightiest of all the Swampcalla Shamans. It was supposedly Gobsprakk that suggested the sinister plan of poisoning the ley-lines of Thondia, hoping to goad the living land into finally devouring the remains of the once-great land of Donse. This would, in turn enrage the Earthquake God, causing him to return, and wreak further havoc in vengeance for his fallen homeland.[1a]


While the sinister plan to drown Thondia ultimately failed, the poisoned ley-lines have continued to corrupt once fertile plains into seeping mires of the Drowned Lands. While this is terrible, it has taught Sigmarite scholars something potentially wondrous: the living lands of Ghur can be purposefully altered, encouraged to transform with the right application of magic. Champions are needed now, ones willing to brave the Morruk Hills in search of a cure for the poisoned ley-lines, and maybe the mystic key to encouraging flourishing life in Ghur’s wildlands.[1a]