Morgwaeth's Blade-coven

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{{{3}}} Morgwaeth's Blade-coven
Morgwaeth's Blade-coven.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Daughters of Khaine
Sub-Faction Hagg Nar
Leader Morgwaeth
Members Khamyss

Morgwaeth's Blade-coven are fearsome zealots who accompany the Hag Queen Morgwaeth of the Hagg Nar sect of the Daughters of Khaine. [1] The Blade-coven exult in the throats they slit and the hearts they impale as they travel. [1]


Morgwaeth the Bloodied and her murderous retinue were dispatched to Beastgrave by Morathi in search of a long-hidden shard of Khaine. Shadowed paths brought them to the mountain, and immediately believed their objective was near, due to the visions of slaughter and echoes of battle that haunted Beastgrave’s megalithic depths. In truth, however, their quest was a fool’s errand, for Morathi knew no shard lay in the mountain – Morgwaeth had questioned her liege a little too publicly, and was sent to Beastgrave for her temerity. This was a poor punishment for the hag queen, though – the blades of Khaine found many offerings to the lord of murder in the mountain’s ancient halls, and their dedication may yet see them escape Beastgrave’s grasp.[3]

Early into their expedition



Main article: Morgwaeth
is the Hag Queen leader of the namesake warband, who is armed with a Glaive of Khaine.[1] Morgwaeth would run afoul of Morathi when she confided her doubts to her sisters in the temple of Hagg Nar on at least three separate occasions, primarily with regards to Morathis seeming subsuming of Khaine's centrality to the Khainite cult. She was eventually summoned before Morathi, where Morgwaeth supplicated herself before Morathi, before Morathi declared she has need of Morgwaeth. She and her warband were ordered into the Beastgrave in search of a supposed shard of Khaine, a pointless quest which served to keep Morgwaeth occupied and in exile.[4]


Main article: Khamyss

Khamyss is a Sister of Slaughter who is armwed with a barbed whip and bladed buckler.[5]


Main article: Kyrae

Kyrae is a Melusai Bloodstalker armed with a Heartseeker Bow and a Sacrificial Knife.[2] After slaying a target with her heartseaker bow, she takes great pleasure in cutting out her victim's vital organs and dedicating the gory tribute to her dark patron, Khaine.[5] During the warbands initial venture into the Beastgrave, Kyrae openly challenged her Hag Queen Morgwaeth after briefly (correctly) suspecting that Morgwaeth was sent on a fool's errand for a non-existent shard of Khaine.[4]


Main article: Lethyr

Lethyr is a Witch Aelf armed with Sacrificial Knives. Lethyr bound herself to Morgwaeth's service only weeks before the group was dispatched to Beastgrave, hoping to learn the many secrets of the Khainite Cults. She continues to curry the Hag Queen's favour, slaying her victims with elaborate ritual cuts.[5]


Main article: Kyrssa

Kyrssa is a Witch Aelf who is armed with Sacrificial Knives. She often works in tandem with her fellow Witch Aelf Lethyr.[5]


  • Khamyss is armed with a Sacrificial Weapons (A Barbed Whip and Bladed Buckler). [1][2]
  • Kyrssa is armed with Sacrificial Knives.[2]
  • Lethyr is armed with Sacrificial Knives.[2]



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