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The crest of the Morgaunt court.

The Morgaunt are a Grand Court of the Flesh-Eater Courts that roam not only the Realm of Shyish but other realms as well.[1b]


The ancestors of the Morgaunt were a number of kingdoms in the Realm of Death whose kings would lead knights and soldiers against monsters that plagued their people such as Cadaver Titans or draco-vultures. [1b]

As they grew more powerful in the Age of Myth, they extended their influence from the Glittering Marsh to the Amethyst Princedoms. In addition they lived peacefully with the dead and when invaders attacked the realm, they sided with the forces of Nagash against those of both Chaos and Sigmar. [1b]

Yet this war shattered them and from the ruins of their chivalry driven civilizations arose the Morgaunt Grand Court. They were driven by the delusion that their homelands were verdant rather than wastelands strewn with corpses. As they sought to bring peace to the northern Prime Innerlands they actually cause more death and destruction. [1b]

As the Age of Chaos fades the Great Court spreads across the realms, serving Nagash and loathing Sigmar who they believe prevented their lord from driving the forces of Chaos from Shyish.[1b]

When Morgaunt kings discovered that the Slatehorns Greatfray are slaughtering dragons in the Betrayer's Barrier they marched on the beastmen. They wipe out their enemy, but not before the last of the dragons are also killed - when three of the kings pay their respects to the dead, the dragons arise to serve them as mounts. [1a]


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