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Modrek the Damned was summoned to the Mortal Realms in the Age of Sigmar to serve the Radiant Knight, Ompallious Zeyros. [1]


His armour is ancient and highly decorated with a white tabard displaying the star of Chaos, his sword is large and evil looking which moves hungrily in his grip. Within the armour is nothing save for an unatural radiance, only broken by a pair of human eyes, hovering within the flickering colours. [1]


Zeyros required him to defend him from the knights of the Order of the Fly and he and the Stalking Keep killed all two score and ten knights that had pursued them after the Radiant Knight had abducted the Lady of Cankerwall. However, much to his shock he was then defeated by the young heir to Festerfane, Carkus Gryme who refused to kill an honourable opponent. In turn he subsequently saved the young Rotbringer from Zeyros. [1]

He then set out to explore the Mortal Realms.[1]


No boy. I would explore this new realm I have been drawn up into. Perhaps there are wonders and horrors yet that I have not witnessed. If so, they might enliven the tedium of eternity, if only for a few centuries. But if you need me, simply blow the slughorn you carry, and Count Mordrek will ride with all haste to your aid.


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