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Morbheg Knights are elite Mordants of the Flesh-Eater Courts mounted on terrifying Nightshriekers.[1a]

Nightshriekers and Ghouls share an instinctive connection born from their similar habits and habitats as well their similar fall from grace. Once possessing some form of stygian nobility, the children of Morbheg have since fallen far. Nightshriekers have become emancipated, feeding on carrion and the repulsive creatures of the deep. Once they encountered the Flesh-Eater Courts, they were forced to feed on vampiric Abhorrant blood, becoming creatures stuck in a limbo between mortality and undeath.[1a]

Many Abhorrant monarchs keep whole menageries of these creatures in their hideouts. Sometimes a ghoul dares to approach them; they often end up as the beast's next meal, but sometimes the Nightshrieker and the ghoul bond. From this bond come the ghoulish cavalrymen known as Morbheg Knights.[1a]

These knights are potent weapons on the battlefield. While their ragged wings do not provide enough lift to carry them across the skies, their powerful hind legs allow them to leap across the battlefield and ram into unsuspecting victims. Similar to other children of Morbheg, the Nightshriekers have the ability to emit a terrifying scream, strong enough to kill a victim outright.[1a]

Orders of the Morbheg Knights

Orders of Morbheg Knights are diverse and hail from courts across the Mortal Realms. While many orders of these knights imagine their mounts as elegant pegasi similar to those ridden during the time of Ushoran's first court, that is not true for all of them. For example, the Daughters of Lifemarsh view their mounts as monstrous arthropods, while the Lances of the Gilded Drake see them as scaled children of Dracothion.[1a]



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