Mogger Krump

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Mogger Krump is an Warchanter of the Da Choppas warclan. Additionally he is one of the Daggboyz, the most trusted and veteran followers of Overboss Ka-rokk, the leader of the warclan.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

When Ka-rokk sent him to bring the gargant tribes of the Bitingsea coast into the Waaagh! surging across Rondhol, he spread the rumour that a gargant called Hoon the Hoarder had challenged all comers to try to take his treasures. This drew the coastal gargants to the heartlands, where they distracted local Order and Chaos forces, allowing the Waaagh! to continue south relatively unmolested.[1a]


He is generally regarded as a bit too cunning for his own good.[1a]


He, like the rest of the Daggboyz, wears navy armour covered in chequered patterns and triangular "dags".[2a]