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The Mircath, or Shademark, is a brand made of shadow magic that allows the bearer to leap from shadow to shadow and travel the Umbral Web. It is most commonly borne by members of the Khainite Shadowstalkers.[1a]


Bearers of the mircath can step between shadows and use the Umbral Web to travel vast distances. They can weave weapons from darkness and manipulate the shadows of the environment to suit their needs.[1a][2a] Thanks to their ability to use the shadows both defensively and offensively, it is said that those who bear the mircath never fight alone.[2b]

However, the shademark has its dangers. While most bearers do not begrudge that it makes their soul linked to Morathi - only the most loyal Daughters of Khaine are chosen to bear it - the constant exposure to the magic of Ulgu wears at the body and soul of the bearer. The Umbral Web through which they travel is a misted labyrinth filled with invisible dangers, and many who enter it never emerge. In time, a bearer's physical form can be worn away until they are little more than a shadow themselves.[1a]