Mindstealer Sphiranx

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Mindstealer Sphiranx
Mindstealer Sphiranx 01.jpg
A Mindstealer Sphiranx.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Slaves to Darkness
Origins Corruption by Tzeentch
Type Beast

The Mindstealer Sphiranxes delight in stealing secrets from the minds of their prey, this power is granted to them, by their third eye which is an unholy boon granted unto them when they turned to Chaos.[1a]


The Mindstealer Sphiranxes are slender leonine-like creatures, with third eyes that grant them knowledge stealing powers. They revel in toying with their prey using the psychic powers granted unto them by their third eyes, warriors they face can find themselves robbed of all knowledge of years worth of training or be immobilized by fear as the Sphiranxes bring old traumas to the surface of their minds. After being chased from Hysh for their crimes they have taken to the dark corners of the Eightpoints, where they seethe over perceived injustices.[1a]


Long ago the Sphiranxes were an order of Hyshian mystics who served Teclis as custodians for powerful arcane and esoteric artefacts, though they themselves possessed no natural talent in the arcane arts. But overtime their ideals would be corrupted, with aid from the whispers of the Changer of Ways, as they grew jealous and covetous of the power they did not have.[1a]

The High Bibliarch of the Sphiranxes would form a dark bargain out of frustration, granting the third eye that allows all his kind to peer in the minds of others and steal knowledge from them, though it severed their ties to the aether. The Sphiranxes were driven mad by their newfound compulsion to steal knowledge from others and the sheer volume of information they took in. They would eventually be driven from Hysh by Teclis and his military orders.[1a]


  • Platinum Spire: The Platinum Spire in Chamon is a Stormvault that a trio of Mindstealer Sphiranxes are attempting to claim for their own, as it contains a vast repository of ancient and dark lore.[1c]


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