Meteoric Iron

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Meteoric Iron, occasionally known as Celestial Iron, is a metal forged from meteors that fall from the firmament of the Realm of Azyr, in a process known as Starfall to some of the Azyrite peoples of the Mortal Realms.[1][4a]


Entire communities have centred their economies around excavating Meteoric Iron after it has fallen from the Heavens, such as Sigmarograd.[4a]


Coins frequently used in the markets of Excelsis, known as Meteors and Motes, are made from meteoric iron.[3a]

Other Economic Uses

Many renowned weapons and suits of armour have been crafted from this rare metal. Examples include the suits of meteoric metal armour used by champions of the Free Peoples[1] and the Exile Blades wielded by many Dreadlords, leaders of the Order Serpentis. These are heirlooms from their fallen empire of Narkath.[2a]