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Metallurgica is an ancient empire in the Realm of Chamon, now ruled by their last king, transformed into a Abhorrant Archregent. [1]


In the north of what is now known as the Karic Heartlands, humans build a scattering of small but well defended settlements amongst the huge forests, below the beast haunted crags of the Lackshelter Peaks and between deep rivers. Together they form a loose alliance, guided by a skilled and courageous family - the Durensteins. Omnori Durenstein leads the warriors of the settlements to purge the wild places nearby and trades arms and armour with his neighbours. [1a]

Alemnicia Durenstein becomes the first ruler and queen of the emerging nation - it is said that Sigmar himself was impressed by the industrious people as he visited the Queen. Some legends say he arrived clad in his full glory, others that he came as a simple blacksmith, assessing their worth in disguise. He gifted Alemnicia and her people with new industrio-sorcerous lore and alchemical secrets as well as biding Duardin craft-masters to act as advisers to the queen. [1a]

The kingdom grows in strength and power, eventually encompassing thousands of miles of territory, its cities boasting colleges of alchemical learning and vast forge-fortresses. Law and order was imposed throughout the empire and Metallurgica became famed for its craftsmanship and the magical items it produced, none more glorious than that created by each heir to the throne to prove their worthiness. [1a]

The might of their artefacts was often used in battle, alongside other forces in the Age of Myth and was noted by god and man alike and as the forces of Chaos began to invade, the armies of Metallurgica fought long and hard against them. Queen Argentis Durenstein breaks the siege of Metraphos, defeats the rotfleets that emerge from Bladebreaker Bay and wins the third war for the Shivered Veil. [1c]

King Thyador Durenstein takes the throne of Metallurgica near the end of the Age as Sigmar was retreating to the Realm of Azyr. Unwilling to abandon his empire and the incredible artefacts it housed, Thyador decides to stand and fight, relying ono his formidable armies, powerful arcane machines and court sorcerers to defend his lands. [1b]. For several years in the Age of Chaos, they hold fast, defeating all the forces of Chaos that breached the twin Realmgates in the empire and purging cults of Tzeentch but all hope of escape is now gone as the last gates to Azyr are sealed. [1c].

Then Nagash invades with his own armies, looking to claim the artifice-engines for himself before they are lost to Chaos and the War of the Risen Dead begins. Thyador leads his armies to victory time and again, defeating such powerful enemies as Mortallacht the Wight Lord but the dead are seemingly endless and the empire is slowly devoured from without and within. [1c]. As his capital is attacked, he uses the Mirror of Distant Things sending his nephew to steal a Book of Nagash. [1b].

As he prepares to throw it into the Reality Forge of his Arcasanctum, an avatar of the Great Necromancer appears [1c], retrieves the stolen book and with a touch gives the king the dreaded Boon of Ushoran, transforming him into an Abhorrant Archregent and condemning his people to become part of the Flesh-eater Courts.[1b] he and his people descend into madness, but the victory of the dead is shattered as a vast Bloodbound horde arrives to shatter the legions of the dead before rampaging onwards. [1c]

Thyador continues to reign in the hell that Nagash has created, in his mind, he and his people having defeated the armies of the dead himself through courage and loyalty. [1c]

In the Age of Sigmar, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer are dispatched to claim the Starspiral Realmgate but are set upon by the Flesh-eaters who think they are more armies of Nagash. Several Ironweld Arsenal Engineers are captured by Clans Eshin during the conflict and taken away for vicious interrogation. News of Sigmar's ambition to recapture a powerful kingdom of magical power and artefacts reaches Blight City through them. [1c]

A Gnawhole breaches into the empire and hordes of Clans Skryre, Clans Eshin and Clans Verminus skaven pour into the heart of the once mighty empire. The mordants of Metallurgica respond immediately and increasingly vicious war is begun. [1c]


  • Bladebreaker Bay [1a]
  • Crystal Isle [1a]
  • Durenberg: Captital city. [1a]
    • The Palace of Miracles [1a]
      • The Arcasanctum which held the vast and powerful artifice-engines that helped create the magical items for the rulers. [1a] Eventually it takes up more than a quarter of the gigantic palace structure. [1b]
  • Kharz'Naghad: A duardin hold established following Sigmar's visit to the kingdom in the Age of Myth. [1a]
  • Lackshelter Peaks
  • Obsidrian: Destroyed by zombie Gargants and other Deadwalkers during the War of the Risen Dead. [1b]
  • Starspiral Realmgate: At the southern edge of the Lackshelter Peaks and one of the two gates in the empire, heavily defended in the Age of Myth and the early part of the Age of Chaos. [1a][1b][1c]
  • Transmutoria: Overrun by Ghouls, its people are put out of their misery buy the cleansing light of the Sirenstone. [1c]




  • Alemnica Durenstein, the first ruler of the Empire. [1a]
  • Ampolos Durenstein: Leading an army of warrior-smiths he defeats a horde of daemons that have emerged from a rift to the north of the Crystal Isle.[1c]
  • Omnori Durenstein: Patricarch of his tribe. [1a]


  • Guild of Alchemists. [1a]
  • Royal Artisans of Durenberg [1a]


With refined realmstone and chymicals of the deeps, arcane energies and the riches of the peaks, thus do we fashion the heirlooms that will see us reign in perpetuity. Thus do we tap the power of the Mortal Realms themselves, and forge a brighter future for our people that will outshine the stars of Azyr. We are blessed my people, blessed, and so shall it be until time passes out of all memory and the last night claims us all.

~King Cruiciban Durenstein II .[1a]


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