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A mercenary is an individual who fights in military conflicts to gain personal profit, typically in the form of legal tender. Mercenaries operate under contract serving whatever lords and masters can pay their prices.[1a][3b] They are also known as sellswords, coinspinners, and coin-takers.[1a][4]

Types of Mercenaries


It is said that the first Freeguilds of the Dominion of Sigmar originated as mercenary bands who fought in the wars that have since become known as the Cleansing of Azyr. Some of the most ancient Freeguilds, such as the Faithful Blades and Gold Gryphons date back to this era.[3a]

A Fyreslayer warrior.


The Fyreslayers are well-known throughout the Mortal Realms for operating as mercenaries, selling their services to whoever can pay them in gold or ur-gold.[3b]


Those mercenaries that hail from the Ogor Mawtribes refer to themselves as Maneaters, much to the discomfort of the Free Peoples they often fight beside. Maneaters eagerly fight for profit, the carcasses of battered enemies, and for the fun of it.[2b]

Bundo Whalebiter, a renowned Mega-Gargant mercenary.

Sons of Behemat

The mercenary lifestyle was first introduced to Gargantkind by the Ogors of the Meatfist Mawtribe, after a successful alliance. The Grugg Brothers were the first to get the hang of the lifestyle, with aid from the infamous Gutstuffers. The Gutstuffers taught the Brothers about important aspects of strategy such as when was best to attack, how to formulate a battle plan with the use of a big stick and a surface of dirt, and how to divvy up spoils after a battle. The Brothers spread this knowledge to a dozen tribes of gargants, who in turn did the same until the tactics and lifestyle of the sellsword became ingrained in Gargant society.[9a]

Mercenary Companies

A mercenary company is a group of sellswords that plays their trade across the Mortal Realms. Countless such organizations have arisen across the millennia hailing from the civilizations of Order, the empire of Death, the hordes of Destruction, and even the legions of Chaos.[5][6]

Notable Mercenary Companies

The following is a list of known mercenary companies that have been known to operate throughout the Mortal Realms. Some are unscrupulous bands who work for any who pay them, while some accept contracts only from the peoples of their Grand Alliance or nation.[1][3]:

Maneater Bands

Particularly infamous among the mercenary companies of the Realms are the Maneater Bands of the Ogor Mawtribes. They are roving bands of mercenaries that leave their tribes to sell their services to everyone from the Lord-Generals of the Freeguilds to the vampiric tyrants of the Grave-Empires to the warlords of Chaos. These Ogors are usually brash and young, incorporating a wide range of weaponry, fighting styles, and gear from the cultures they interact with while out adventuring.[5a]