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Medimantic Appendages, more commonly known as prosthetic limbs, are artificial replacements for missing limbs. These prosthetics vary greatly in design depending on the budget and materials available to the craftsman, as well as the intended purpose of the new appendage.[1a]


Most of the Freeguilds throughout the Mortal Realms employ at least one Cogsmith that specializes in crafting prosthetic limbs. While they are meant to only build these Medimantic Appendages for the soldiery, most higher ups in the Freeguilds will turn a blind eye if a civilian with a need or want to replace a limb approaches them.[1a]

Some of these Cogsmiths have shared their designs with fellow artisans outside of the Freeguilds, while others set up specialized workshops after they retire. This has led to Medimantic Appendages becoming widely available to Free Peoples all across the Cities of Sigmar.[1a]


The varieties of Medimantic Appendages available to the Free Peoples is staggeringly diverse, limited only by the materials and budget available to the Cogsmiths and artisans that design and build them. All of these appendages are custom-fitted to their future recipient.[1a]

Some of those who purchase these prosthetics prefer appendages that can pass for natural limbs. The prosthetics preferred by soldiers meanwhile often stand out for what they are and come with useful modifications such as hidden compartments, telescoping compartments, and bladed edges. Others prefers simple prosthetics such as pegs and mundane claws, which are light and easy to control.

Many artisans and retired Cogsmiths have developed artisanal appendages that are truly beautiful to behold.[1a]

Stranger Medimantic Appendages exist as well. Such as ones made of shining crystals from the Realm of Hysh, that remain intact due to arcane bounds or skeletal frames made of animated bone or living wood, which move at the beck and call of the person they are attached to.[1a]

Some prosthetics are even constructed in ways that they can be used by their owner to act as arcane foci, allowing spellcasters to channel their magic through the artificial limb. Such devices have been known to save their owners from potential arcane disasters.[1a]

There are also weaponized appendages that have bludgeons, blades, and ranged weapons of all shapes and types built into their frames.[1a]

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