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Icon of the Meatfist Mawtribe.

The Meatfist is a Ogor Mawtribe dominated by Gutbusters that claim to be the greatest Mawtribe, a claim that may have some truth considering the quantities of meat and plunder that roll into their fortress, the Great Gutfort. The blood-smeared hand of the Meatfist is feared across the realms, its Mawpath having reached further and consumed more than any other. The gigantic Overtyrant Globb Glittermaw is the current undisputed ruler of the Mawtribe.[1b]


It is said that the Mawtribe was founded by Grawl Meatfist, first of the Overtyrants, who defeated the Ghurish Titanox and puled out its innards with his bare hands and by feasting on the primordial behemoth, Grawl gained vitality and strength beyond that of any ogor. The red-stained hand of a Meatfist warrior symbolises this act and is achieved by thrusting a forearm into a boiling vat of gore and performed before each raid. The Meatfist claim that Grawl’s blood still runs in their veins and the Meatfist regularly claim the choicest hunting grounds as theirs alone. Regardless of the validity of their claims the Meatfist boasts a greater number of ogors than any of its rivals and have defeated and absorbed many smaller competitors such as the Bilegulpers, Clotted Throat and Stoneteeth have all been humiliated and conquered, their rulers devoured and their lesser warglutts and Alfrostuns subsumed. [1a]

Once even the Boulderhead bore the red fist to honour their allegiance with the Meatfist but with the return of Frostlord Braggoth Vardruk who took control of the Boulderhead the alliance ended resulting in the Great Gutfort being besieged during the Battle of Ice and Gold. Ultimately the Meatfist gained a pyrrhic victory. Since then the Meatfist have thrived through the coming of Sigmar’s Tempest and the Soul Wars fighting Stormcasts, Chaos war parties to the Ossiarch legions of Mortarch Katakros. The ogors are of course delighted by this steady stream of intriguing new flavours delivered straight into their waiting mouths. The Tyrants of the Meatfist have grown hugely rich and corpulent as a result of the Mawtribe’s success increasing their appetites even further as they look for ever ambitious raids.[1a][1b]


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