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Mazarall the Butcher is a Daemon Prince of Khorne. He ascended to Khorne's favour by rendering mortal flesh and devouring demons with such sheer barbarity and unbridled rage that many confused him for nothing more than a mindless blood-forged beast, rather than a warlord able to lead armies with cunning and foresight. A mistake for which many have paid with their lives. As a towering creature of muscle and rage he is able to easily throw bodies aside with his bloody charge. Those that follow him tread on a road to ascension paved with dead carcasses.[1][2]

His sharp-edged, spiked ornate armor is covered in Khornate symbols and skulls. His axe is Harrow Meat, whose sentience and hunger makes the Daemon Prince stronger with every kill. His Ancyte Shield is covered in the gnarled stretched skin of one of his spellcasting victims, not only helping unbinding spells but also striking down any foe that flees by blasting them with the baleful energies of the daemons enslave within. This shield is even dangerous up close, as it is covered in dangerous blades.[1][2]