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The Great Mawpot is a large cauldron, traditionally made from the melted-down remains of weapons taken by its owners, that has been infused with the hungry essence of the Gulping God. It is used by the Butcher meat-priests of the Ogor Mawtribes to cook up all manner of stews to invigorate any ogors who eat from the pot.[1] The Mawpot's battlebroth is made with the freshest ingredients possible - in battle, this can even include dead (or nearly dead) foes, who are tossed into the simmering broth whenever it starts to thin out.[2]


Since it is a locus for their faith, the mere presence of a mawpot empowers the magic of nearby ogor mystics. In addition, the healthful battlebroth inside is so hearty that ogors who partake of even a single mouthful find their wounds healing and their vitality restored.[2]



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