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Pater Mathias was a priest of Nagash from the town of Wrymditt in the Realm of Ghur [1]


A tall thin man, usually enfolded in hooded cloak. [1a]


As a priest of Nagash, he ordered that a temple to his god be created in Wrymditt on a site sacred to the Lord of Death. [1b] and created an agreement with the Shrouded King, Sabrodt to take people as tribute. [1a]

When the Stormcast Eternals under Knight-Incantor Arnhault arrived, he confronted him and Mathias fled the town.[1a]

When they later attempted to ambush Sabrodt, he emerged from hiding and warned his fellow servant of Nagash, but the wraith only rewarded him with death.[1c]


I did what was needful to save this town. How could we trust that Sigmar would answer our prayers? Better that the few die in order that the many should live.

~ Mathias to Arnhault.[1]