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Mathas Hellezan was a rebellious mortal noble of Nulahmia transformed into a vampire by Neferata herself. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)


The Firstborn son of Verrick (father) and Glanath (mother), he had a brother and several sisters. He married the second born child of House Avaranthe - Teyosa and with her had an infant son Kasten. [1a]

As he prepared to ascend to the leadership of his House, he was summoned to the Palace of Seven Vultures as part of the Culling of the Firstborn to be tested – a test from which many did not return or came back as ravening blood hungry monsters. He fought his way through several challenges but then was confronted by the Mortarch of Blood herself, who he tried to assassinate. [1a]

Unimpressed by his attack, she transformed him into a vampire and sent him home, granting him the illusion of free will. [1a]

He continued his efforts at rebellion, gaining allies from his queen’s rival, the Mortarch of Night [1b]

The rebels grew in power until he finally led them in open rebellion, capturing much of the Palace Quarter and cornering the Queen seemingly alone on the Doomwood Way, in the plaza of the Ten Sepulchres. However it all proved a ruse, her army arose and slaughtered his compatriots and finally she rescinded his free will, draining him dry of blood. [1c]


I could not fight her. She took me, and I fell into night. She stole everything that defines me… But she could not take you from me. At the last, I saw your face. I felt your presence, and your love – our love. It was the last thing that was mine, and I held it. You were the jewel whose light defeated the abyss. You are my truth. You are my duty and my defiance.

~ Mathas Hellezan to Teyosa.[1b]


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