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Skaven 01.jpeg
A Grey Seer.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Skaventide
Major characters Thanquol
Skreech Verminking
Core resources Warpstone
Races Rat Ogor
Vehicles Screaming Bell
Spell lores Lore of Ruin
Endless spells Bell of Doom
Warp Lighting Vortex
Scenery Skaven Gnawhole

The Masterclan is the faction that rules over the treacherous multitudes of the Skaven. It consists of the Council of Thirteen - the mortal rulers of the Skaven race who direct their minions from the Masterburrow in Blight City and the Shadow Council of the arch Verminlords who dwell within Deepengnaw, a Gnawhole.[2a]

In turn their numerous and often contradictory missives are carried out by the Masterclan, the agents of the two Councils - Grey Seers and Verminlords, each in turn engaged in numerous power plays against others of its own kind. Such is the nature of the Skaven race.[1][2a]


Units Grey Seer - Screaming Bell - Verminlord (Corruptor - Deceiver - Warpseer - Warbringer - Warpgnaw)
Characters Skrillit - Skritterik - Thanquol - Skreech Verminking - Boneripper
Grand Alliances and factions
Beasts of Chaos (BrayherdsMonsters of ChaosThunderscornWarherds) • Legion of Chaos AscendantBlades of Khorne (Daemons of KhorneKhorne Bloodbound) • Disciples of Tzeentch (Daemons of TzeentchTzeentch Arcanites) • Hedonites of Slaanesh (Daemons of SlaaneshSlaanesh Sybarites) • Maggotkin of Nurgle (Daemons of NurgleNurgle RotbringersTamurkhan's Horde) • Skaventide (EshinMasterclanMoulderPestilensSkryreVerminus) • Slaves to Darkness (Daemons of ChaosEverchosen) • Legion of Azgorh