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The Master Moulders are the leaders of the Clans Moulder, each being a deranged expert in beast breeding and warpstone-triggered mutation. Brutish, conniving and vicious, they have come to resemble the very monsters they create. Many, due to constant exposure to warpstone, have been mutated, although in some cases it occurs through self-experimentation. Master Moulders can boast bulked-up musculatures, additional limbs, and monstrous visages. These mutations grant them ferocious metabolisms that require them to constantly devour living flesh. [1a]


Master Moulders wield Whistling Lashes and huge, spring-loaded pole arms known as Things-Catchers in battle. [1a]


Before the Battletome: Skaven (2019) this unit was split off from the Packmaster unit.[2a]


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