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The Master Moulders are the breeders, mutators, healers and most importantly leaders of the Moulder clans, each being a deranged expert in creation of horrific war beasts, fleshcrafting and warpstone-triggered mutation. [1a][3b]


Master Moulders are brutish, cruel and murderous as their own creations. Many of them have been mutated by constant exposure to warpstone or in some cases through self-experimentation. Master Moulders can boast additional tails or rudimentary limbs, glowing eyes or ingrowing fangs. Some of them may be bloated or entirely hairless. Other mutations grant them monstrous form or ferocious metabolism that require them to constantly devour living flesh. [1a][3a][4a]


In combat, Master Moulders rely upon monstrous fiends, using whips to drive them into a battle frenzy. If the tide of battle starts to turn against the skaven, a Master Moulder can order forth even more packs of fighting beasts. [3b]


Master Moulders wield Warpstone-tipped Lashes, keeping vile beasts in line and stripping the flesh from their victims. They often tip these whips with warpstone shards, so that each cut will inevitably lead to blackening and festering of the wound. [1a][4a]

Another popular weapon of these commanders is a huge, spring-loaded polearm known as Things-catcher. It is an effective tool to immobilise enemies or to capture them for experiments in the comfort of flesh-laboratories. [1a][4a]



There was no such unit in Grand Alliance: Chaos though a chapter about Clans Verminus mentioned Master Moulders as an important part of Verminus society. The miniature that represented Master Moulder in Battletome: Skaven (2019) and Battletome: Skaven (2022) (see below) was defined as Packmaster in Grand Alliance: Chaos. [2a]



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