Masque of Slaanesh

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The Masque of Slaanesh is a Herald of Slaanesh that was once Slaanesh's favoured dancer and chief handmaiden until she was cast out by her master. Now she is forced to dance through the mortal and immortal worlds for eternity.[1]


Once the Masque was the chief attendant of Slaanesh that danced to lighten his thoughts when he was grim, enrapturing the god with the most dazzling of acrobatic displays. During the one of the wars of the eternal Great Game, Tzeentch tricked Slaanesh into an unwinnable battle against both Khorne and Nurgle, that resulted in him being defeated and humiliated. In the aftermath the Masque tried to ease his heart with an energetic and scintillating dance but now Slaanesh's heart was filled with such bitterness he only saw mockery. Enraged, Slaanesh cast the Masque aside and cursed her to dance forever more, even when there was no one to witness the show. Such has been the Masque's fate, to dance across eternity. From the Realm of Chaos to the Mortal Realms wherever wanton souls indulge their senses, where excess overcomes restraint, the Masque appears to lead the incautious on a dance of doom.[1a]


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