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Marshpoint is a frontier township, with ties to the Free City of Excelsis, located in the marshy Ulwhyr Forest. It's remote nature, the difficult terrain, and dangerous fauna reduce access largely to a single trade road, the use of Marsh Striders and riverboats. It was built by Duardin siege-smiths, presumably of the Dispossessed or Ironweld Arsenal, with House Junica's money. It is ringed by a perimeter wall, as one would expect of any frontier town. mainly serves as a home for soldiers and the Silksteel plantation workers. [1]


Age of Chaos

Before the coming of Sigmar's Tempest the Coast of Tusks was home to many nomadic tribes. The ones that lived in the Ulwhyr Forest were well-known for the blue-ink tattoos they engraved in their skin. The descendants of many of these tribes now live in Marshpoint and other settlements of Sigmar's domions.[1]

Age of Sigmar

The frontier town itself was established by the forces of House Junica, who had sought to extend the holdings of Sigmar and their own domains beyond the Free City of Excelsis, they established the first silksteel plantations and hired expert Duardin siege-smiths to build the fortifications of Marshpoint. House Dezraed would follow soon after, establishing their own plantations. A rivalry soon formed between the two houses, which quickly escalated into a deadly feud.[1]

During the tenure of Kiervaan var Junica and Fenrol var Dezraed the feud nearly came to a head. The disappearance and death of Aldrec Junica, firstborn son of Kiervaan var Junica, and death of several Dezraed soldiers nearly drove the feud into a bloody border war. The conflict was onl narrowly avoided when Hanniver Toll, and his protege Armand Callis, arrived to settle the dispute. The Witch Hunter discovered that a local man serving House Junica, Ghedren, was responsible for the deaths and disappearances in an effort to appease the White Witch, a powerful Nighthaunt tied to the swamps. In the end Ghedren was executed and both lords were ordered to reopen their plantations and send their soldiers on patrols, or else be executed for treason and ineptitude.[1]


While the frontier town owes and pays tithe to the Free City of Excelsis, it is largely left to govern itself and it's holdings. Much of this governing is done by the Azyrite families of Junica and Dezraed, though both families only supplied minor scions of their house.[1]


The town maintains a militia of locals that are used to man the settlement's walls. But the main military might of Marshpoint comes in the form of House Junica's and House Dezraed's privately funded, mercenary armies which they employ to defend their holdings and themselves.[1]

House Dezraed's forces ride upon pale mares and are equipped with farked spears. They wear cloth tunics with metallic plate armor on their chests and shoulders, a rarity in this region of Ghur. At least two-score of these soldiers are employed by Fenrol var Dezraed. Captain Lecian Celtegar, an Azyrite, appears to be the commander of these soldiers.[1]

House Junica's forces are garbed in long black hoods, and equipped with gold-plated scale armor. Each of these soldiers wields a black-iron mace that has been molded into the shape of a comet.[1]


  • Marshpoint Perimeter Wall: The wooden wall surrounding town was built by skilled Duardin siege-smiths, so it is no surprise it is sturdy and well-made. The entirety of it has been smoothed and sanded, to prevent enemies scaling it, and swivel-mounted arbalests equipped with hook-shaped ammunition lines the wall. A singular tower looms over the wall and within it is a heavy ballista.[1]
  • Marshpoint Pier: The frontier town has a single pier that extends out into the marshes that surround the town. It sees little use as few travelers or traders risk traveling this far east of Excelsis.[1]
  • Sigmarite Mission: A small chapel dedicated to Sigmar is found in the town. It's stained glass windows depict heroes, saints, and warriors.[1]
  • Trade Road from Excelsis: A trade road extends from Excelsis all the way to this frontier town, winding through the marshy landscape of the Brackenmarsh and Ulwhyr Forest.[1]


Marshpoint's primary economic activity is the production of Silksteel, harvested from plantations of arachnids. Due to the lack of metals in the area, and the limitation of the arachnid's presence to the Ulwhyr Forest this production ensured a near monopoly on local military goods. Silksteel production alone generating enough income to attract several merchant houses (such as Junika and Dezraed), and being the sole occupation of most of the town. [1]


The locals of Marshpoint are mostly sickly looking, pale individuals who have grown lean from their toils in the plantations. These plantation workers, along with the soldiers paid to defend the town and it's holdings, are the only residents of the settlements outside the households of Lords Kiervaan var Junica and Fenrol var Dezraed.[1]