Marsh Strider

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Marsh Strider are large mantis like beasts that are used to cross the The Brackenmarsh in the Realm of Ghur.[1]


Marsh Striders are large six legged, mantis like creatures adorned with barbed forelimbs and thick armour. The thick hairs upon their leads spread upon the water, allowing the Marsh Striders to skim accross difficult marshland and swamps with ease. Marsh Striders are capable of expelling fluid from their manidbles

With regards to behaviour they are primarily noted for their docility. They largely communicate with clicks and hisses. [1]


Marsh Striders are predominantly found in the Coast of Tusks; more specifically in the Brackenmarsh and the Ulwhyr Forest. [1]


Due to the difficult terrain and dangerous beasts surrounding Marshpoint and their docile nature, Marsh Striders are utilised as a means of transport and beasts of burden in the region. [1]