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Marag-Or of the Golden Eye was a ancient Fyreslayer Auric Runemaster of the Ulgaen Lodge.[1]

An old heavily scarred duardin with one eye replaced by a plain orb of gold and many had many gold beads woven into his beard.[1]


He granted permission for Drokki to found his own temple, releasing him from his service before the betrayal of Ulgaen-Ar led to its fall. Following that calamity he joined the survivors and helped them survive the long journey to the Firespike Mountains to their ancestor lodge of Volturang where they received a lukewarm reception. Marag-Or assisted with the cleansing of the nearby Steelspike mountain and although mortally wounded he called upon the lava at the heart of the volcano to cleanse the remaining skaven so that the survivors could establish a new lodge.[1]


In some ways, yes, in others, no. He's got the rune gift, and he can sniff out ur-gold better than most. But he's yet to gain wisdom... got to earn it. Being Runemaster will do that, or he'll die.

~Marag-Or to Briknir-Grimnir.[1]


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