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Manglepaw was a huge Khorne worshipping Beastlord who led his people near the city of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish. [1]


He was taller and more powerfully built than most Gors or even other beastlords, his bear-like features scarred, his hoves clad in brass and his body cloaked in heavy armour, fat and muscle. The axe he wielded had been created with his own fists but the shaft was splintered and he favoured his left hoof. [1]


He was one of the most important chieftains gathered by Bahkos to acknowledge Ghosteater as the leader of the many herds in and around Caddow. He did not accept his words or those of Ghosteater when he spoke to the other Beastlords alone and challenged him to a duel. He was defeated when the albino Gor lured him into striking a unsteady pillar which collapsed upon him, crushing and mortally wounding him. [1]

As he lay dying, he asked Ghosteater not to devour his soul as he had pledged it to the Blood God, the albino agreed but confirmed that as was tradition his body would be consumed in the coming feast, which he accepted with his last words As it has always been. [1]


I will challenge. You are a pale thing. A grub. A maggot. Not fit to lead beasts into war. If we are to be one herd, it will not be led by you.

~Manglepaw to Ghosteater.[1]


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