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The Mandible was an ancient fortress and port city in the far north of the Realm of Shyish with mountains on one side and the sea on the other.[1b]


It had high sloping walls of quarried stone, reinforced with iron, and was shaped vaguely like a jawbone, as its name implied. Above it towers the Wailing Peaks which extend from the coast and down into the southlands[1a] whilst the great slopes below are thickly forested, blanketed in snow and ice.[1b]


It was said to be constructed by the Duardin of the Cacklebone, who had also built the city around it and the mighty ice-docks which in the Age of Myth played host to those who dared cross the frigid waters of the Shivering Sea, including traders from the Rime Isles and Helstone. [1a] It was where the great ice-fleet of King Elig ven-Fenn was launched from, sailing to the Rime Isles and beyond, to the very edge of the realm itself. [1b]

The city and its great citadel were destroyed by Nagash when he fought the six brother-kings of the Rictus. He had smashed their fleet first, so that none could escape. Only those vessels which had already been at sea had escaped him and of those, few survived the animated merwyrms and frost-drakes called forth by the Undying King.[1c]

By the Age of Chaos it was regarded as a damaged but still formidable citadel that had been constructed for one of the legendary Broken Kings,[1a] though which one nobody knew. The once mighty ruins of the city spread out along the shoreline and across the lower slopes of the Wailing Peaks.[1c] The conclave chamber sat at the top of the highest tower served as a meeting place for the last living Voivode of the Rictus Clans.[1a]

As the legions of Nurgle Rotbringers commanded by the Order of the Fly swept across their lands, the last of the Rictus Clans gathered at the old fortress, assisted by the Neferata, Mortarch of Blood and Arkhan, Mortarch of Sacrament.[1a] The walls finally fall under the onslaught of mortals and daemons.[1d]