Malvo L'Polche Guinmark

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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

Malvo L'Polche Guinmark is the Master of the Thieves Guild, known as the Brotherhood of Larcenists in the city of Izalend in the Realm of Ghur.[1]

Malvo is a prodigious climber, even able to hold his own with aelves such as Arika Zenthe.[1b]


A small man, going bald with pockmarks and a narrow chin – he has a notably melodic voice.[1b]


He is the third of his name.[1a]

In his youth he was a cutpurse working in the mead halls and bawdy houses of his home city, over the course of thirty years he rose through the ranks, taking control off the whole Brotherhood.[1a]

He decided to groom his subordinate, Yhorsk Casran to replace him, allowing him to retire to his mansion with a few handsome lads to wait upon him whilst he did some acting hand at the local theatre. Unfortunately a day before that happened, Yhorsk enacted a coup and Malvo found himself enslaved aboard the Black Ark the Eternity of Torment.[1c]

Against the odds he managed to survive for a year. He was being taken to provide slaves for the blood pits of the temple–arena on the ark when his guards were attacked by corsairs under Arika Zenthe and made himself useful enough that he was not killed. [1b] Arika assisted him in regaining control over the Brotherhood, on the condition that he would, in turn assist her with her own mission to recover the Heart of Winter for her father. [1c] He introduced her to the Waywatcher Gallanglaen who could lead her and her corsairs into the Druichan Forest [1d] and he would also, reluctantly, act as Arika’s messenger to Vizrin Kyre. [1e]

When she returned to her father's ship, Malvo, his duardin bodyguard Broukan Hammerlung and Gallanglaen were dispatched to throw the Heart of Winter into one of the mouths of the Ghorvorasc. [1f]


Furthermore, it seems likely that you are attempting to accomplish your mission with, ah... a certain amount of delicacy, no? Well let me humbly introduce myself. Malvo L'Polche Guinmark. Actor, raconteur and man of action. Your guide through the labyrinth of the Eternity of Torment.

~ Malvo to Arika .[1a]