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Mallus travels through the Nothing after the End Times.

Mallus, also known as the Broken World, is a metallic core of a world, the remains of the World-That-Was after it was destroyed during the End Times. Hurled throughout the cosmos after it's end, Sigmar still clinging to it, it was eventually caught by Dracothion and set in the firmament.[1a]

The gods of chaos let these remnants of the world survive and it became a lodestone for the echoing souls for those who sough to deny chaos of it's ultimate victory. The gods of the fallen world slumbered while being nourished by the magics that saturated mallus, slowly gaining a form that could interact with the material world, thanks to the sphere's eldritch aura. A billion souls were one moment corporeal the other incorporeal as the suns and moons of heavens glowed. Eventually, awakened by Sigmar's will, they populated the Mortal Realms.[1a]

The core is made of Sigmarite a powerful magical metal used in the making of the weapons and armors of the Stormcast Eternals.[1b]

Sigmar's mood is tied to Mallus, when it's lively so is he and when it wanes so does he.[1a]