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Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Grand Host of Nagash
Legion of Sacrament
Legion of Blood
Legion of Night
Origins Nagash's creations
Environments Battleground, Hamlets
Type Undead

The Malignants are spirits of dead mortals. Usually, the soul of a mortal will go to the respective underworld of their culture or belief, and eventually fade away. However, certain souls of immense willpower or hatred can hold on, and will themselves into remaining among the living. This comes at a price, however. What is left of the soul is a jaded, bitter thing, with a burning hatred and jealousy for the living. These demented spirits usually manifest at the edge of the realms, where magic flows the strongest.[1]

Before the Necroquake, such incidents were isolated. Usually a single poltergeist or spirit haunting a battleground or hamlet. After the Necroquake however, with Nagash's indomitable will ascendant, the Malignants massively multiplied in number and variety. Thus began the Soul Wars, in which the many Malignants finally got the chance to take revenge upon the petty, weak mortals.[1]


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