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Makesh was a katophrane noble and scholar in the city of Shadespire.[1]


In life

He had been the lover of Sadila Hausa when they were both young but she had discarded him for his softness. [1a]

A scholar who flirted with necromancy, for which he was censured by his family. [1a]

Shortly before the curse of Nagash fell upon the city he tried to convince Sadila to leave with him, fearing correctly that the Katophranes had provoked the Undying King, she refused but then Nagash came. [1a] Makesh fled to an ancient temple, perhaps the original temple of the city and was there killed by Zuvass, his mind fleeing, fractured to the faneway. [1b]


There is more than one truth in this realm, Sadila. Let us not be so foolish as to test ours against his. He could be listening, even now. The Undying King has spies everywhere.