Magore's Fiends

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{{{3}}} Magore's Fiends
Magore's Fiends 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Chaos
Faction Blades of Khorne
Daemons of Khorne
Khorne Bloodbound
Sub-Faction Goretide
Leader Magore Redhand
Members Ghartok Flayskull
Zharkus the Bloodsighted

Magore's Fiends are a Blades of Khorne warband whose members are Blood Warriors under the command of Magore Redhand.[1] They are a nigh-unstoppable trio of Blood Warriors who have spilt so much blood that they have drawn Khorne’s favour in the form of Riptooth, a vicious Flesh Hound. Since the being blessed with a Flesh Hound companion, the warband hopes to gain even more of the Blood God’s blessings by slaughtering the Stormcast Eternals within Shadespire, as well as any others who would stand against them in that fell place.[1]

Like all Bloodbound sworn to Khorne, they are blinded by battle madness and lost to the exultant sensations of combat, caring for nothing else but to kill. Towering, plate-armoured killers that live a life of constant war, having taken the first steps towards daemonic ascension has forged them into mighty champions of ruin. They have an unquenchable lust for slaughter always in search of their next battle. They use Riptooth to try and track down the Stormcast Eternals stuck in the Mirrored City, hoping to tear them apart so the eye of Khorne can be drawn to the cursed city.[1] Within the Mirrored City, they established themselves at the edge of the city, alongside other Khornate warbands such as Garrek's Reavers. They, and the other warbands have been corralled by Sepulchral Warden, who allies himself with the forces of Chaos for the purpose of maintaining a balance within the Mirrored City.[5a]


Magore Redhand

Main article: Magore Redhand

The Blood Warrior Magore Redhand is the leader of the namesake warband. In his early days, a macabre transofmration came over Redhand during a battle with the hated Stormcast Eternals, a truly mighty gift from Khorne. A slavering daemonic maw erupted from his stomach, decapitating the Lord-Castellant about to lay him low.[6]

Ghartok Flayskull

Main article: Ghartok Flayskull

Ghartok Flayskull is one of the original trio of Blood Warriors that formed Magore's Fiends. He regularly flays his victims and wears their skin upon their hide, which he uses to intimidate his foes.[6c]

Zharkus the Bloodsighted

Zharkus the Bloodsighted is one of the original trio of Blood Warriors that formed Magore's Fiends. He claims to be able to see [[[Khorne]]'s gaze in the blood they spill, and from it can see both their glory and ruin.[6b]


Main article: Riptooth

Riptooth is a Flesh Hound who was gifted to warband of Magore's Fiends as a result of them drawing Khorne's favour of how much blood the warband spilt.[4a] The Flesh Hound is now used to hunt Stormcast Eternals within the Mirrored City.[3] He is noted as being a picky eater, prefering the flesh of foolish heroes.[6a]



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