Magmalt Ale

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Stein of Magmalt

Magmalt, or Magmalt Ale, is a pungent, syrupy ale that serves as the drink of choice of the Fyreslayers.[1a]


The fermentation process that Fyreslayers employ to create Magmalt ensures that the brew remains so hot that it constantly boils, making it dangerous to store without proper precautions.[2a]


Magmalt is stored within special barrels to prevent the brew from exploding. The Fyreslayers themselves store them in barrels that have been marked with runic inscriptions by Zharrgrim priests that leech out some of the brew's excess heat. In the Cities of Sigmar barrels fitted with ceramic plates are used to achieve the same effect, allowing taverns to safely maintain their stock.[1a][2a]


  • Rumours claim that Magmalt Ale contains lava. In reality, Magmalt is only mixed with lava only on special occasions.[1a]