Mage's Noose

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The Mage's Noose was first devised by the arcane artificers of the Agloraxi Magocracy. At first glance these devices appear to be semi-sentient collars made of iridescent scales, but in actuality they are parasites that feed on magic.[1a]


When placed around a creature's neck, the Mage's Noose makes casting spells much more difficult as it drains magic. It is possible to break and remove the collar from one's neck, but any failed attempt will result in the Noose tightening itself around the bearer's throat. The Noose may even strangle an unruly wearer to death out of spite.[1a]


The Agloraxi Magocracy used Mage's Nooses to imprison those magic users they saw as lesser and keep them under control long enough to delve out punishment or experiment on them.[1a]