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Magdalena is a soulblight vampire and Blood Knight, a former Kastelai she is now a noble of the Broken Plains of the Realm of Aqshy. [1b]

She served as the chief general to the king as well as his offical spymaster although Arvan claimed his bats and rats gained more information. [1c]

A cold realist, she had been a vampire from more than four centuries. [1f]


She is short in stature for a vampire but as strong as an old oak. Magdalena is usually perfectly dressed in a tunic and trousers of a deep purple hue with a raven titched over her heart and symbols of Nagash embroidered up the sleeves. Her hair is dark, cut into short ringlets that frame her attractive round face and hard green eyes. [1b] On formal occassions she wears fitted black armour, the holy smbol of Nagash inlaid with amethyst on the shoulders and forearms, a raven embossed on the breast. [1e]


Magdalena was one of the Kastelai who rode out from the Crimson Keep when it appeared atop the ancient ruins of a castle near the city of Maar. They slaughtered a dozen bands of nomads who were besieging Maar, the cohort of Corsovo Volari pursuing them into the night, killing and feeding well. However as they returned, lazy and sated, they saw the Keep vanish - most of the vampires swiftly died, tied too closely to their home but Corsovo and Vasara led them to Maar, discovering that the people saw them as saviours. [1a]

Magdalena and the other surviving Kastelai - Durrano, Jirrini and Salvera travelled to the Grey Palace after rumours that something was wrong with King Corsovo. [1b] When Corsovo died, Nyssa Volari sought to take his place and unimpressed with her proposals, Magdalena challenged her and defeated her in a dual. [1f]

Immediately after her victory, Salvera challenged her but she claimed the right to recovery which gave her five nights to heal even though the minor wounds she had suffered would heal in a few hours. She further declared that the kingdom was dead and departed for her home, offering shelter to any that wanted to join her. [1g]

Several days later, Nyssa arrived at Ruinview [1h] and managed to persuade her to follow her plan but only if she persuaded the others first. Magdalalena told her that to understand why Jirrini would refuse her she should stand between Temero and Splitrock when the day is fading and watch for where her hold bleeds. [1i]

Magdalena rode out with ten knights to warn Durrano but arrived too late to assist him against Celasian but followed the mortal cavalry of the Sun Seekers. When they ambushed Nyssa and her knights who had been poisoned by Arvan, Magdalena attacked the humans from behind, helping to defeat them and capture their captain, Takora. [1j]



  • Ruinview: Her fortress home. [1b] The road to the fortress winds through a narrow pass with many traps in place that can be unleashed on invaders - it ends in a short valley with a stream irrigating gardens planted before the stone wall. A huge raven symbol of Nagash is carved above the gate. [1h]


Nyssa considered her demanding, fussy, pious and overcautious. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

She favours a sword and shield, the latter emblazoned with a raven. [1e]


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