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The Macabre Court is a Flesh-Eater Court that rules the ruined kingdom of Avandia in Chamon.[1a]


The court is led by the King in Rags, a wandering Abhorrant Ghoul King who led the war of liberation that freed the Avandians from the Chaos invaders.[1a]


In the Age of Chaos, the forces of the Dark Gods swept into Avandia and razed its silver cities. Many Avandians were put to the sword, and many of the survivors turned to cannibalism to survive. When the King in Rags arrived in Avandia, at first the survivors feared that he wished to steal what little they had left However, in time enough supped at his table that the Macabre Court dominated the capital, and soon the Macabre Court makes war on the Chaos warbands who claim sovereignty over the ruins of Avandia. In the early fighting, the King of Rags unearthed the Bloodmoon Scourge and raised the beast to unnatural life as his mount. With the additional strength of the Terrorgheist, the King in Rags and his armies were able to sweep the Chaos invaders out of the realm. [1a]


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