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Maar is a city on the Broken Plains of the Realm of Aqshy ruled by Soulblight Vampires. [1a]

It nestles near the foot of the volcano Temero, across from the ruins that became the Grey Palace. [1a]


It had once been the greatest city on the plains. [1b]

As a dozen tribes of nomads gather to attack Maar, the abandoned ruins of the castle nearby are transformed into the Crimson Keep as it phases in. The vampire Kastelai rode out and slaughtered the nomads but one cohort remained too long were still on the plains when the Keep phased out again. Their leaders, Corsovo Volari and Vasara rode to Maar and discovered that they were seen as saviours and used the legends of the return of the rulers of the Grey Palace to become the king and queen of the broken plains. [1c]


  • Black Stork: Inn with an ornate facade. [1b]
  • Grey Palace: The home of the ruling Soulblight vampires, dug out of the ash and partially restored ancient ruins. Black Monoliths listing the dead of the city line the road from Maar to the Palace. [1c] Tunnels lead from it deep into the roots of Temero, made by the ancient builders for unknown reasons - at their heart is the Tombs. [1d]
    • Great Hall: A massive round room of tiled obsidian with a ceiling that rises to a central window, a central circle of red rare obsidia below the oculus - likely to represent the volcano's flaming heart. [1e]
    • Tombs: Corsovo built a great white marble tomb for Vasara. [1d]
  • Irewater: A long, narrow sulpherous lake which boils near the volcano. [1b] It becomes the River Ire and crosses the plains. [1c]
  • Temple of Nagash: A black stone structure kept clean of ash. Once dedicated to the Pantheon of Order but its stained glass was replaced with amethyst-coloured panes of glass. [1b]


  • Rose Knights: Guardians of the Grey Palace and pledged to the Volari family, considered the most dangerous of the Blood Knight Orders of the Plains, headed by Knight Commander Orix. They were made by Corosvo and trained by him and his daughter, Nyssa. Their armour is black and red in colour. [1f]

Mortal enlistment

Parents often send their children to be assessed and trained by the vampires, both they and the children hoping to gain the gift of immortality. Most become servants but a few receive advanced training from the Blood Knights and eventually gain the blood although one of their duties whilst they still live is also to give blood to their rulers. [1g]


Before the coming of the vampires, the people of Maar inscribed the names of the dead on the black stone monoliths and then wrapped the bodies in cloth and cast them into the Irewater to dissolve. Corsovo adjusted the practice so that only the little fingers and toes were given to the water, keeping the rest to raise through Necromancy. [1c]


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