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Luxsion is a Daemonette of the Host of Syll'Esske.[1a]


She was able to form a impression of her former shape from the smoke of a scented brazier - waif-like with slender limbs, claws and almond shaped eyes. [1a]


Having been slain by the Unending Coil, tribes of Daemon hunters in Athanasia in the Realm of Shyish she sought vengeance through the patronage of Syll'Esske. She sought out the mind of Yarkasai, the son of the one of the tribes Maraktor - chieftains and turning him against his people, causing him to murder his brother in a jealous rage. Luxsion then guided him in his flight from his vengeful kinfolk, even calling upon Hellstriders to slaughter them and then carry him off. [1a]

They are brought to the great caravan of the host of Syll'Esske where the mortal thinks he will be rewarded, instead it is Luxsion who is granted the power to reshape his body to provide her with a new form. [1a]


Alas, my prince. Once I was a queen amongst the joyous courts. But now I am banished - a lost echo, an exile. this form is all I can muster.............A temptation, yes. But I am no progeny of the Lunatic God. My absent lord is of far nobler stock. And he adores those with ....potential. like you.

~Luxsion in the mind of Yarkasai .[1a]


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