Lumineth Tongue

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Runes of the Lumineth

The Lumineth Tongue is the language spoken by the Lumineth Realm-lords. [1a]


The script of the Lumineth makes heavy use of Runes, having hundreds of them. [1a]

Known Runes

  • Thalari: The rune of Zenith, represents the world above the clouds where light rules alone.[1a]
  • Yngra: The rune of Rescue and Imprisonment, can often hint at Slaanesh’s fate in Uhl-Gysh.[1a]
  • Oreali: The rune of Wind, represents the ephemeral force that can strike with a hurricane’s anger.[1a]
  • Senlui: The rune of Swiftness and Accuracy, is synonymous with the Vanari warhosts of Hysh.[1a]
  • Alaithi: The rune of Mountain, represents the strength of aeons and immovable resolve.[1a]
  • Senthoi: The rune of Unity and Loyalty, can also mean Broken Promise, depending on context.[1a]
  • Ydriliqi: The rune of River, represents the quick-thinking, unstoppable flow of the dextrous river.
  • Ylvan: The rune of Pride, Honour and Imperfection, represents the Age of Myth.[1a]
  • Minaith: Signifies Skill at Arms, Spirituality and the Lost Way.[1b]
  • Sendai: Synonymous with Dedication, Sacrifice and Resentment.[1b]
  • Quul: The rune of the Tree of Life, Regrowth, Decay and the Oak of Ages Past.[1b]
  • Varinor: Symbol of the Tyrionic nations, strength, Fire and the Pride of Drakes.[1b]
  • Thanlui: Signifies Injustice, Necessity, Unbalanced Scales, but also the Shyish Nadir.[1b]
  • Ylvoir: Synonymous with the Throne of Kings, Guardianship and Servitude.[1b]
  • Sethai: The rune of Flight, Wind and a Cry in the far mountains.[1b]
  • Sevir: The counterpart to Sethai. Agressive, Wind, Storm, and the Anger of the Realms.[1b]
  • Hysha-Mhensa: The union of the four principal elements of Hysh and the strength one can take from combining them all for the same cause. Since the Reinvention, the Hysha-Mhensa has become favoured above all.[1a]

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