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Among the Swords of Chaos stands Lorgore the Cruel, favoured of the Everchosen and Anointed Knight of the Dark Gods. Lorgore’s path to Archaon’s side was littered with the mangled bodies and blood of the betrayed. He is both master swordsman and pitiless general, and his viciousness is legendary even among the ranks of his bloodthirsty brethren. It is Lorgore’s mastery of not just defeating his foes but destroying them utterly that has earned him the title of ‘the Cruel’. When Archaon wants a foe made a terrible example of, it is often to Lorgore that the duty falls.[1]

When Lorgore claimed the head of the Perfumed King of the Versendai he allowed the monarch to name a hundred champions to fight in his stead, taking grim pleasure in killing each one and watching hope slowly die in their ruler’s eyes. During the sundering of the Ocennia Sea Forts, rather than claim heads, he chained a thousand Knights Trident along the tidal defences of their keep, mocking their command of the sea as the waters rose up to drown them.[1]


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