Lore of the Underworlds

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Lore of the Underworlds lists the spells used by Nighthaunt wizards, invoking the power of Shyish's underworlds.[1]


Name Casters Description Sources
Soul Cage Nighthaunt Wizards that know the Lore of the Underworlds This supernatural cage of phantasmal energies pins opponents in place so that the reaping might begin. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55
Spirit Drain With but a series of fell words of power the caster can whittle away a mortal’s life-force, causing their very spirit to seep out of their physical form. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55
Lifestealer Life hangs upon but a slender thread; this incantation can sever that cord, causing healthy foes to drop like puppets shorn of their strings. Each such death increases the caster’s own vitality. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55
Reaping Scythe The caster’s weapon extends into a phantasmal scythe, gleaming with fell purpose and honed to razor sharpness. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55
Shademist A supernatural mist envelops the targeted unit, causing them to glimmer as they fade in and out of reality, becoming more baleful and intangible. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55
Spectral Tether The correct sorcerous incantations can create a temporary link between a powerful Nighthaunt and the underworlds, where it can be restored by drawing upon the amethyst energies of Shyish. Battletome: Nighthaunt (2018) - Spell Lores, pg. 55


The Wizards able to cast these spells are:


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