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Lords of Khorne are terrifying warriors that lead the Khorne-worshipping mortal armies of the Khorne Bloodbound. Clad in iron and brass, and commanding countless warriors, they are the Blood God’s greatest mortal champions and their scars mark a lifetime spent waging wars and committing atrocities.[1][6]


Lords of Khorne are warriors whose gruesome deeds have set them apart from the throngs of the Blood God’s worshippers. They have levelled empires, massacred entire civilisations, and driven whole races extinct through persistent carnage and in return are granted various boons by Khorne, but if they falter Khorne is not a patient god. Thus a Lord of Khorne must not only constantly face challenges from his own warriors, but must be constantly be reaping his way to greatness or when his followers rise up against him Blood God’s favour will be upon them. Lords of Khorne can arise from anywhere and are shaped by their lands and the battles they have faced. Armies flock to their banner like scavengers following an apex predator. These soldiers fight not for coin or loyalty but for the chance of slaughter. With the Lord of Khorne leading them to battle, they never want for opportunities to commit acts of brutality.[6a]

Equipment and Abilities

Lords of Khorne are clad in iron and brass and have been granted hellforged axes from one of Brass Citadel’s myriad furnaces as well as the immense strength required to wield such weapons by Khorne. These axes range from Daemonic Axes with a daemon bound within to Reality-splitting Axes that cleaves a rent in the fabric of reality to hurl victim into the Blood God’s realm. They may also carry brass-clad Shields that can turn aside spells that would slay champions. Some Lords of Khorne are accompanied in battle by a ferocious daemon hounds and some ride upon Juggernauts of Khorne.[2][6a][7]




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