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A Lord of Pain.

Lords of Slaanesh are the mortal leaders of the Slaanesh Sybarites.[1a][1b] [2a]

Each lord has dedicated themselves body and soul to the pursuit of excess. Yet despite the fact disciples of Slaanesh are encouraged to indulge in a wide spectrum of depravities, most followers generally fall under one of the vices that makes up the Six Circles.[2a][4a]

Lord of Hubris

Lord of Hubris are master duellists and showboating swashbucklers that always make sure they are the centre of attention.[3]

In combat, these arrogant heroes are constantly ruthlessly taunt their foes, strut into battle daring anyone skilled enough to attack him in single combat and flamboyantly beeline for the finest amongst their foes to goad their enemies into duels. So confident they are in their skills that they'll even let their foes deal the first blow, a blow they are certain they will deflect.[3]


So cocksure is this Lord of their own abilities that he wears scant armour and eye-catching accessories to make sure he is always at the centre of attention.[3]

Lord of Pain

Lords of Pain are those Lords who focused on the vice of enduring and inflicting agony on a large scale. They strut at the forefront of the Hedonite armies and are known as Paragons of Slaanesh's dark faith.[2a]

Lords of Pain often originate from the dark martial orders dedicated to Slaanesh, usually Myrmidesh blade-sects. They become fixated on pain and have trained themselves to the peak of mortal capability until they are able to slay their adversaries by accumulating agony and a few tormenting blows. Lords of Pain are committed sadists, utterly dedicated to inflicting crippling pain which becomes their whole existence.[2a][4a]

In time, those champions of Slaanesh destined to become Lords of Pain soon find themselves devoid of any sense of contentment outside of spreading their supposed gifts. The end result soon becomes apparent, inflicting torment is no longer an artform but becomes an end in unto itself. Like most followers of the Dark Prince, they enter a dark spiral one can no longer rise from.[2a] [4a]

Slaanesh has a profound interest in pain and in them and their muscular frame is swollen with his favour. These will take every opportunity to show his mastery over all forms of agony and his followers, usually Painbringers. are just as eager to emulate them.[1c][4a]


Lords of Pain go into combat armed with barbed Soulpiercer Maces, which can shatter bones and puncture flesh. These wicked weapons seem to be unable to kill, leaving those it strikes down twitching and convulsing for hours in nerve-shredded misery for hours before death finally claims them.[1c][4a]

Before becoming a Lord of Pain, these champions usually wore concealing plate armour, but they have since discarded it to better enjoy battles. The armour they still do wear is covered in curved spikes and sharpened crescent-blades that tear flesh of his foes with each swift motion. This armour is often connected through pierced rings and barbs.[4a]


The following is the description of the Lord of Slaanesh unit from Grand Alliance: Chaos who has since been discontinued.

Those on foot are accomplished swordsmen always eager to test their skills on great foes as a way to strive for perfection. They can lead their fellow warriors to attack a unit with excessive force.[1a]

They can ride to battle mounted on a Daemonic Mount, who strikes with their poisoned tongue. These lords are exceptionally beguiling and if one gazes too long at their splendour, terrible notions begin to form. They can also grant their followers a boon of hellish swiftness through soporific musks and perception-altering auras.[1b]


A Lord of Slaanesh goes to battle equipped with a Quicksilver Sword or a Quicksilver Glaive paired with a Chaos Runeshield.[1a][1b]




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