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Lord Kroak.

Lord Kroak is a long-dead and mummified Slann.[1][2]


He once had the power to shift continents and crumble mountains, but his powers are only a shadow of their former glory able to topple building with earthquakes, summon comet's from the heavens and calling ancient spirits to protect him. He is seated on an ancient floating Palanquin and is surrounded by spirits that gravitate around his body, attacking any would be attacker.[1][2][3] Inhabiting a half-state between life and death, Lord Kroak continues to plot the vengeance for the death of the World-That-Was and make plans to defeat the Chaos Gods.[4] In battle he can cast the Celestial Deliverance and Comet's Call spells.[1][2][3]

To the Seraphon, Lord Kroak appears at those moments of greatest need, when fate must be tipped one way or the other. With but a thought Kroak can pluck a comet from the vaults of Azyr and hurl it across realms, unleash blasts of coruscating lightning, or materialise a host of Starborne warriors. With the battle won he will disappear in a shimmering aurora of starlight, only to re-emerge when fate necessitates it. Amongst the skinks, some believe Lord Kroak has ascended to sit at the right hand of the divine Old Ones in death, unwilling to rest until the final defeat of Chaos has come to pass.[5]



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