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A Lord Executioner is a Nighthaunt who are sent to claim the lives of those who have escaped justice in the Realm of Shyish. In life, they were executioners who knowingly sent innocents to their deaths or took too much pleasure in their dark work. In death, they were remade to hunt down heroes, champions, and any others who sought to evade Nagash's justice, a job in which they are especially potent - a mere glare from these spectres can penetrate their target's very soul, filling them with dread for their impending demise. [1a] [2a]

The remaining spirits of the wrongfully executed drift around them, crying in anguish and constantly harassing the Lord Executioner. However, they also protect their headsmen from harm, warding off spells, sword blows and any other such danger. They do this not out of mercy or kindness, however, but to prolong the Lord Executioner's suffering. [1a] [2a]


Each Lord Executioner carries around a phantasmal Decapitating Axe - an axe so sharp and cutting that it can slice a target's head clean from their shoulders - and ghostly accoutrements of their tools in life, such as nooses, torture wheels, and stretching racks. [1a] [2a]




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