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Loonstone, also known on occasion as Madrock, Loonyrock and Badstone is a substance originating from the Bad Moon Which is believed to be entirely made up of this material. The Bad Moon sporadically spits out meteoric shards of loonstone of various sizes, which are used by the Gloomspite Gitz due to its various unnatural properties.[1]


It is pale coloured and bone-hued with a lambent, sickly yellow glow which is almost invisible in daylight but which swells in the presence of treacherous or duplicitous thoughts.[1]


Loonstone is oddly lightweight but requires incredible pressure to crush or carve. It begins to glow in the presence of treacherous or duplicitous thoughts in a phenomenon known as lie-light. Thus some Moonclan leaders use loonstone amulets that hang around their necks to warn them when enemies are plotting against them. However as the bearer has devious thoughts of their own their loonstone pendants glows constantly, driving them into the depths of frantic paranoia.[1]

Loonstone also soaks up natural arcane energies like a sponge. The background magics of the Mortal Realms gradually seep into loonstone and imbue it with a thrumming charge that can be tapped by suitably cunning grot shamans. However the loonstone drinks the Waaagh! energies generated by warring orruks in a more pronounced way. This can be later discharged in seething explosions of violence or just straightforward explosions. Some daring Gloomspite leaders even use loonstone to steal Waaagh! power from nearby orruks and unleash it amongst the grot ranks to create a false Waaagh! resulting in waves of Waaagh!-crazed lunatics overrunning their foes, spectacular loonstone detonations, or just being throttled by a grumpy Weirdnob.[1]

Some use jagged shards of it as blades known as Loonblades that can also be conveniently used as lanterns.[2]