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Logisticators are members of the Logisticator Guild of the Kharadron Overlords. These logistic experts often accompany sky-fleets to act as translators, accountants and negotiators.[3a][2b][1b]


Logisticators are tasked with balancing profit against expense and safeguarding the backers' investment.[4] They act as the bookkeepers of the expedition and calculate the expected yield from each share.[2b][1e]

When negotiations take place, it is often the Logisticator who doubles down as a negotiator and translator. They're the ones inspecting the merchandise, accurately calculating their worth to get the utmost advantageous trades and agreements for the Kharadron.[1a][1b]

The expectation and necessity for any expedition to turn out a profit force the ever tactful Logisticators to negotiate deals incredibly one-sided in the Kharadron's favour. They see it as their duty and obligation to increase the shares of their fellow crewmates. Accordingly, after the captain, it's the Logisticator who is blamed for the shortfall of an expedition.[1a][1c]

When aether-gold is extracted, Logisticators calculate constantly calculate the expected yield from the operation.[1e]

Within the sky-ports

Within the comfort of the sky-ports, Logisticators specialise in calculating the profit margins of the various kharadron industries and returning expeditions.[2a]


Logisticators have a knack for remembering little details and computing worth. They are exquisite orators able to extort their wanted prizes and motivate other Kharadron to bold acts.[2e][1d]

They have a reputation and tendency of being greedy and honourless by Kharadron standard.[1c]


Logisticators often wear abacus-rings to calculate on the spot. Copper tablets and acid-dipped needle are also used to make tabulations.[1a][1d]

They sometimes carry a fat-bladed sword for self-defence.[2d]


‘How quick and ready we are to throw dirt on logisticators. We call them honourless and oathbreaker, chiseller and thief, conniver and scoundrel. No insult is too base for them. They are parasites sucking the blood from every enterprise, battening on the sweat and courage and determination of decent duardin. They are no better than grobi with beards, vultures trying to stuff their gizzards with whatever they can grab. They lie, they cheat and they steal.’

‘They are only in it for themselves. That is why they are always trying to craft the best trades and agreements, why they are always struggling to determine the ideal balance between expenditure and profit. Of course they don’t feel any pride, any sense of obligation or duty to increase the shares of the duardin they voyage with. Those too honourable to condescend to call a logisticator “comrade”. No, all we do is take, never with a thought about how we can help our clan or our sky-hold. All we care about is swindling a few more coins into our share.’

- Skaggi reflecting on the perception of Logisticators.[1c]

Notable Logisticators


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